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    Avoiding applet main window resizing when using browser zoom?

      Hello, I haven a applet embedded into a jsp page into an APPLET tag, with a fixed height and width, same values as the JPanel has on the applet with all the elements inside of it, my problem is, that if I use the browser zoom, the JPanel respects width and height but JApplet window does not, and increases until I stop zooming the site, I'd like to avoid this, I already tried by setting these parameters on the init function on the JApplet class:

      this.setSize(593, 468);
      this.setMaximumSize(new Dimension(593,468));
      this.setMinimumSize(new Dimension(593,468));
      this.setBounds(0, 0, 593, 468);
      this.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(593,468));

      But it does not work, is there something like a this.setResizable(false) for the JApplet class? I understand that JApplet is a subclass of JFrame isn't? please, any idea would be highly appreciated, have a nice day!!