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    Dtrace script for only amount of open files per process id in Non Global Zo


      Does anyone has a dtrace script which determine in a life system the amount of open files per process id in a Non Global Zone.

      It is not possible with pfiles because of underlying problem

      Here is the direct quote from the manpages:

      The following proc tools stop their target processes while
      inspecting them and reporting the results: pfiles, pldd, and

      A process can do nothing while it is stopped. Stopping a
      heavily used process in a production environment, even for a
      short amount of time, can cause severe bottlenecks and even
      hangs of these processes, causing them to be unavailable to
      users. Some databases could also terminate abnormally. Thus,
      for example, a database server under heavy load could hang
      when one of the database processes is traced using the above
      mentioned proc tools. Because of this, stopping a UNIX pro-
      cess in a production environment should be avoided.

      SunOS 5.10

      GZ> lsof -z <zonename> -p pid

      Does not give the right output.

      ls /proc/<pid>/fd | wc -l gives not the open files per process id.

      I'm not familiar with dtrace programming. So maybe anyone create a dtrace script which

      show in a life system (without the change of interruption of process) me in
      life contiunue the amount of open files per process id in a non global zone.

      Thanks Anne Adema

      you can mail me aron.adema@gmail.com