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    How to restore OSB catalog to different server for restore database ?


      I am using OSB on production system and i have installed admin,client and media server on one server.I have backup all database with encrypted (transparent,AES192 and hardware encryption) to LTO5 tape drive without any problem via RMAN.

      But i want to restore database to different server.I have two servers on the test environment and one of them is admin server and other one is media server.

      First of all,i tried to copy production /usr/local/oracle/backup/admin and /usr/etc/ob directories to OSB test admin server but it host name and LTO drive that attached to OSB test media server are different than production server so it didnt work.
      After that i tried copy only production /usr/local/oracle/backup/admin/encryption/keys , /usr/local/oracle/backup/admin/encryption/wallet , /usr/local/oracle/backup/admin/security and /usr/etc/ob/wallet directories to OSB test admin server but i am getting to below error when i enter to "obtool" command:

      obtool: Error: can't connect to administrative observiced - SSL fatal alert during negotation

      I tried to re-create wallet with obcm mkow -k -p <Production wallet password> but i was get the below error:

      Error: re-create obfuscated wallet failed - failed loading wallet (OSB network security manager)

      So which method should i use for restore database on test environment server ?

      In shortly,how can i restore/recovery database to different server that encrypted with OSB ?