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    ORA-01790 in query generated by ODAC1120250 (Oracle Server 11.1)

      Hi, we are having the following problem: there's a query generated by ODAC1120250 32 bits (October 2011) that works fine in Oracle 11g Express, but in Oracle 11.1 generates the following error: "ORA-01790:     expression must have same datatype as corresponding expression".

      We isolated the problematic query (debugging and using .ToTraceString()) and, when analyzing it, we saw that there are various UNION ALL. We guess that the error could come from data types not matching exactly, but we haven't confirmed it yet.

      The query itself weights 20 Kb, so I can't post it here. Please tell me if we can send it via email.

      Thanks and regards,


      PS: Technical data:

      Development Environment
      Visual Studio .Net 2010 SP1
      .Net Framework 4
      ODAC1120250 32 bits (October 2011)
      Windows 7 32 bits

      Testing environment (works ok)
      Windows Server 2008 R2 (English)
      Oracle Database 11g Express Edition Release - Beta (32 bits)

      Production environment (generates the error)
      Windows 2003 R2 32 bits SP2 (Spanish)
      Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - Production (32 bits)