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    jmeter problem with localhost:8080

      Hi all. I am newbie in jmeter.

      I tried to test a web app. but I did not achieve results. So what I did.
      I run web app on jetty server which uses 8080 port. Then I run jmeter.sh and make simple configuration like this. to add Thread group, to add Recording controller. then I add HTTP Proxy server where I pointed to be used 8089 port. Then I open firefox and made configuration there to set proxy setting like this localhost:8089 and to set checkbox to use for local host.
      After that I start HTTP Proxy server and then go to browser and move by an app. and I don't see any recording by my app which run on 8080 but when I change port on 80 on my app there it works correctly.
      so where is problem?