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    Compare Data between oracle and sqlserver

      Hello, We are migrating from SQL Server to Oracle.Almost 80% table structure will stay the same.After the ETL data migration, we need to compare the data in the sql server to the data that has been moved to oracle.We have oracle 11i and Sql Server 2008. Query tool - toad for oracle 8.6.We really need your advice as to how to compare the data between sql server and Oracle easily.Please Help! Thanks a lot!
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          Note the forum you have posted in. The question you have posted seem to have nothing to do with Instant Client, which is the topic of this forum.

          You should look in the Database - General forum. But since you mention Toad as the tool of choice - I'd recommend you post your question in a Toad forum. http://toadworld.com perhaps as a starting point.