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    MDS misconfiguration and exceptions in SES right after installation

      After installing SES, the search works fine, but I do have often in log files MDS related exceptions, like:

      oracle.wsm.mds.MDSAccessException: WSM-04509 : cannot initialize the connection to the data store
      Caused By: oracle.mds.config.MDSConfigurationException: MDS-01330: unable to load MDS configuration document
      weblogic.common.resourcepool.ResourceDeadException: 0:weblogic.common.ResourceException: Could not create pool connection. The DBMS driver exception was: Unknown host specified

      Also the weblogic console shows critical error at JDBC: Connection Pool Name = null:null:mds-owsm, State = Unhealthy

      Obviously the mds-owsm data source is incorrectly set after installation (URL=jdbc:oracle:thin:@dbhost.example.com:1521/orcl)

      Is the mds-owsm data source necessary? (SES is working fine)
      If not, how can I delete it? (there is no Fusion Middleware Control nor WLST)

      If the mds-owsm is necessary, can I configure it to the same SES DB? (the EnterpriseSearchDS data source)

      The problem appears right after SES installation and on all of our instances (testing, staging, production).


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