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    Solairs Studio 12.3 via IPS for Solaris 11  - when?

      Hi Everyone,

      Hope your holiday season is going well?

      Just like to find out when SS12.3 will be available via IPS for Solaris 11 Users? And if so, what IPS server will it be hosted on?

      PS. Will Netbeans 7.1 be available via IPS as well, or will Netbeans continue to use it's existing distributions methods?

      PPS. Here is the reference to IPS for SS12.3 : http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/solarisstudio/downloads/index.html
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          Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3 via IPS is coming soon. Today, you can download and install the tarfile version on Solaris 11:


          Depending on your Solaris 11 OS install, you may need to also install additional OS packages (e.g. system/header for system header files, etc.)

          The Oracle Solaris Studio IPS repos are available today and have the 12.2 release and updates:

          (need to use free Oracle Account to log in, request an Oracle Solaris Studio certificate, install ssl cert/key, add publisher, etc.)

          I'm unaware if NetBeans will be available via IPS, but a good place to ask is on their user forum (nbusers@netbeans.org):