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    mandatory and optional components during installation of PP and DS of JDEE1

      Hi all

      I am trying to install Deployment Server and Platform Pack of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne in two different machines.

      I have downloaded from edelivery.oracle.com the folders for oracle database and the guide.

      On the guide I am reading that for the Platform Pack

      Enterprise Server:
      Mandatory: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Foundation
      Optional: ES Production, ES Prototype, ES Development, ES Pristine

      Database Server
      Mandatory: System Database:
      Optional: Production Databases, Prototype Databases, Development Databases, Pristine Databases

      I have checked up only the mandatory components during install and now I see that the platform pack has not installed any database.
      Am I doing anything wrong? Do I have to check up any of the optional components?
      Does the Platform Pack work correctly without any database?

      The same questions please even for the Deployment Server.

      Please help me on this.

      Thank you and best regards