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    Swap for 32G memory (Solaris)

      How much swap you will recommend for system running with 32G memory. There is going to be lot of Tomcat/Java process running. currently i have swap set to 8G.

      prstat -t shows about 6G swap usage so for. But I'm planning to increase tomcat base memory to 4G.
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          Those who do a lot with Tomcat and Java will know the subject so much better than others who do generic system administration.

          My guess?
          With 32GB of physical RAM?
          Set it for 16GB and see what happens.
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            I don't agree. Just because Java is being used does not mean that Java developers can answer these kind of questions; Java is a piece of software just like any other. The real topic of this thread is "I have a huge volume of memory, I'm going to run many processes, what should I do with the swap space?". Who cares somewhere along the line Java is touched.

            That being said, there is no real way of answering this question just with the information given. It really isn't interesting that tomcat and/or java processes are running. It all depends on what the processes will be doing and how many resources they will use up, which is something only the OP can answer for himself. you might run everything and never even touch the swap space for all I know.
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              Fair enough.

              ... moving it back to the Best Practices forum, from whence it came.