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    Attaching Converter with InputDate programmatically

      I am add controls dynamically at runtime through code. Everything works fine but when i attach a converter with InputDate control, i get just a text field instead of inputDate with following error message on console:

      "<SimpleInputDateRenderer> <_hasPopupChooser> The converter supplied for InputDate with ID: null does not implement the ClientConverter interface: oracle.adfinternal.view.faces.convert.DateTimeConverterWrapper@13be5a6a.
      The input field will not support client conversion or validation, and only the input field will be displayed (no date-picker popup).
      To get client conversion and validation support, implement the org.apache.myfaces.trinidad.convert.ClientConverter interface or obtain the converter using javax.faces.application.Application.createConverter (preferred).
      If you just want to set the converter pattern programmatically, obtain it using createConverter and call setPattern() on it.

      My code is as follows:

      RichInputDate rid = new RichInputDate();
      DateTimeConverter converter = (DateTimeConverter)FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getApplication().createConverter("oracle.adf.rich.DateTime");

      Kindly help me