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    Can't import the ADF file into BPA


      I need your help. This is my first Post so go easy on me :)

      I can't import the ADF file into BPA. It keeps sending the same message: The Model Type of Model .(yout model)... is not allowed by the filter you're using.

      Here's what I?ve done:

      *1º Step*: I imported the Express Configuration through the available option Administration -> configuration

      *2º Step*: In the explorer - Import Aris Express Models. I've choosen - Extended configuration and import ADF Files

      *3º Step*: Filter Choice

      The available filters are:

      - BPMN 2.0; Business Simulator filter; Oracle BPA Filter and SOA filter.

      Tried almost every combination and still the same..


      Patrícia Pires

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