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    File Tranfer Issue Using JMS

      Hello everybody,

      I am new to JMS and trying to develop a chat application using Swing and JMS. TextMessaging is working fine but i am unable to configure FileTranfer.

      Configurations are stated below:
      Apache Geronimo 2.2 (as JMS provider server).
      ActiveMQ (for connecting to JMS server).
      Java Swing.

      Establishing Connection:

      Properties env = new Properties();
                env.put(Context.PROVIDER_URL, "tcp://localhost:61616?jms.prefetchPolicy.all=100&jms.redeliveryPolicy.maximumRedeliveries=5");
                env.put(Context.SECURITY_PRINCIPAL, "system");
                env.put(Context.SECURITY_CREDENTIALS, "manager");
                // create publisher and subscriber
                InitialContext ctx = new InitialContext(env);
                ActiveMQConnectionFactory factory = (ActiveMQConnectionFactory) ctx.lookup("TopicConnectionFactory");
                final Topic topic = (Topic) ctx.lookup("myTopic");
                ActiveMQConnection conn = (ActiveMQConnection)factory.createTopicConnection();
      // Downloaded Apache FtpServer1.0.6 and started the server from bin folder ftpd.bat.

                final ActiveMQSession session = (ActiveMQSession)conn.createSession(false,Session.AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE);
                final TopicPublisher publisher = session.createPublisher(topic);
                subscriber = session.createSubscriber(topic);

      Sending BlobMessage

      String filePath = fileChooser.getSelectedFile().getAbsolutePath();
      File file = new File(filePath);
      BlobMessage msg = session.createBlobMessage(file);
      String sender = System.getProperty("user.name");
      msg.setStringProperty("sender", sender);
      msg.setStringProperty("filename", file.getName());

      Receiving BlobMessage

      public void onMessage(Message m) {
           try {
                String sender = m.getStringProperty("sender");
                if(m instanceof TextMessage){
                     TextMessage msg = (TextMessage) m;                              
                     incoming.append(sender + "> " + msg.getText() + "\n");
                } else if (m instanceof BlobMessage) {
                     String filename = m.getStringProperty("filename");
                     JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "You have recieved a file "+filename+" from "+sender+" !!!");
                     BlobMessage blobMessage = (BlobMessage) m;
                     InputStream inputStream = blobMessage.getInputStream();
                     if (inputStream != null) {
                          try { 
                                    OutputStream os = new FileOutputStream(new File("C://"+filename));
                                    try { 
                                    byte[] buffer = new byte[4096];
                                    for (int n; (n = inputStream.read(buffer)) != -1; )
                                    os.write(buffer, 0, n);
                                    }catch(Exception e){
                                    finally { os.close(); }
                               }catch(Exception e){
                               finally { inputStream.close(); }

           } catch (Exception ex) {

      I downloaded Apache FtpServer1.0.6 and started the server from bin folder ftpd.bat as I found this step after googling for sometime.
      I am getting the Recieved File alert in OnMessage method but the inputstream is null. No data is coming to the reciever. I am unable to figure out the actual issue.

      Please help me out.

      Many Thanks
      Rupal Chatterjee
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          i doubt your ftp server is going to service http requests, e.g.: "http://localhost:2121/fileserver/"
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            Hi jtahlborn,

            Thanks for ur time.

            I changed it to "conn.getBlobTransferPolicy().setUploadUrl("*ftp://localhost:2121/fileserver/*");" but still it is not working.

            InputStream at the reciever's end is null.

            I noticed one thing, when i comment out the entire above setUploadUrl statement ie "//conn.getBlobTransferPolicy().setUploadUrl("*ftp://localhost:2121/fileserver/*");", still there is no effect on the result. Means I am not getting any errors if i remove this statement. I am not sure whether this working.

            Please help.

            Rupal Chatterjee

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