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    AIAInstallProperties.xml need more details on cluster domain


      Environment :
      AIA 11gR1
      SOA 11g
      Weblogic 11g

      We are building an AIA Environment. Its unlikely but considering that we have soa_domain with no loadbalancer infront, how do we configure the AIAInstallProperties for deploying on all the member of the cluster


      Usually when we have a loadbalancer we provide xxxx=VIP & yy=80. But in our case we do not have loadbalancer.

      My question is:
      - Is loadbalancer manadatory to deploy it on a cluster Environment?
      - Can we not setup "Cluster Address:<MS1>:<PORT>,<MS2>:<PORT>" in weblogic and leave the below tags blank?

      I tried to find the options we havein AIAInstallProperties.xml file, but oracle doesn't seems to have documented this in particular. Could you please help me understand this issue.