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    uncertain for boolean


      Is it possible to give a boolean attribute an uncertain value? e.g. if the answer "yes" or "no" is left blank then an error message is displayed? (not the usual mandatory one)
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          Matt Sevin-Oracle
          Yes, a Boolean attribute can have an uncertain value. (e.g. the applicant might be eligible vs. the applicant is eligible vs. the applicant is not eligible would be example phrasings for a Boolean attribute with a value of uncertain vs. true vs. false).
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            Jasmine Lee-Oracle
            If you want a Boolean to be able to have an uncertain value at runtime in Web Determinations, you can set this in the screen control for the attribute in the screens file. Look for the 'Mandatory' section in the settings for the screen control, and set it to "Allow Uncertain".

            OPM Help: Make an input mandatory: http://docs.oracle.com/html/E24270_01/Content/Interviews%20and%20flows/Customize_interview_user_input_options.htm#Make

            For Booleans, this creates a third option on the question screen. Instead of Yes/No, you'll see Yes/No/Uncertain. I think Uncertain is selected by default, so if the user doesn't actively select Yes or No, then the Uncertain is what will be submitted. Unless you have an Error Event rule triggering (based on the Uncertain) an error message, which I think was your original question.
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              Thanks for your replies,
              so the problem is, they do not want an uncertain value / input, they want just Yes No to be empty and a tailored error message to appear.

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                Jasmine Lee-Oracle
                Tailored message on a per-attribute basis? Or for the whole project? If the latter, the default message ("This value is mandatory.") can be edited in the relevant messages.(locale).properties file.

                The messages.(locale).properties files are here: ..\(your-project-name)\Release\web-determinations\WEB-INF\classes\configuration\

                The relevant messages.(locale).properties file depends on your project language. You can just open these files up in a text editor and make your edits.

                If what I've described above doesn't satisfy what you need to do, then you'll probably need to resort to some sort of screen control customisation or custom property, or hacking of the velocity templates. (I'm afraid I can't advise on how to customise these things.)
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                  Thanks Jasmine - its on a per attribute basis unfortunately! But it's good to know that the mandatory message can be changed and whereabouts.

                  I'm going to have to suggest a text attribute instead of a boolean, and the error message to be triggered if not equal to "true", not equal to "false"

                  Does this seem feasible?

                  Also unfortunaltely the error message being done this way will be displayed at the top of the screen as opposed to the mandatory messages being displayed above the attributes, they won't be happy about that either, so are you saying the way round that is to edit the velocity templates?

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                    Jasmine Lee-Oracle
                    I think it would be a bad idea to convert all Booleans to text attributes purely for the purposes of being able to display optional questions in Web Determinations without the Uncertain option specifically displayed. Also note that a text attribute with the text string value "true" is logically not the same as a Boolean which is true.

                    This is sounding like something for which you should look to Custom Properties and the velocity templates. This will require some technical skills to address (hopefully there is a programmer on your team?) Here are some places in the Help to start looking...

                    From the OPA Developer Help:
                    (from the programmer perspective with regard to writing the customisation)

                    Change the appearance or behaviour of controls in Web Determinations:
                    http://docs.oracle.com/html/E24274_01/Content/Interviews/Change_Controls.htm (See articles 'Change the appearance of all controls of a particular type', 'Change the appearance of a specific screen control', 'Implement a custom control')

                    Create a Custom Control: http://docs.oracle.com/html/E24274_01/Content/Extensions/Extensions_Create_Cus_Ctrl.htm

                    From the OPM Rulebase Help:
                    (what the rule developer needs to do when the programmer writes the customisation)

                    Augment the rulebase with metadata: http://docs.oracle.com/html/E24270_01/Content/Integrating/Augment_the_rulebase_with_metadata.htm (See articles 'Specify a custom property defintion', 'Implement a custom property using application support')

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                      Thankyou! I'll speak to the technincal guys, although thhis isn't a requirement on ALL booleans its more a rarity...it only seems to have come up as a requirement now.
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                        Jasmine Lee-Oracle
                        In that case you really should look to Custom Properties. If the requirement is implemented with a Custom Property, then you as the rule developer can choose (in OPM) the specific Booleans on screen to attach it to.