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    sunstudio11 upgrade sumstudio 12.2 question

      sunstudio11 upgrade sumstudio 12.2 question
      Before my computer has been upgraded sumstudio11
      But now I want to upgrade to sumstudio12.2
      What I want to pay attention to it?

      Can someone help me?

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          First, I would suggest that, if you can, you should upgrade to the latest release, which is called Solaris Studio 12.3.

          You should check to see if the release you choose to install runs on the hardware and operating system you are using. The system requirements are given on the download page. For Solaris Studio 12.3 on Solaris, you must run Solaris 10 update 5 or later. The system requirements indicate the Linux distributions on which Solaris Studio 12.3 was tested. It might run on other Linux distributions, but no testing has been done to ensure that it does.

          Robert Corbett