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    Is web development client mandatory for JD Edwards E1 installation?

      Hi all

      I am trying to install the JDEE1. I have installed Deplyoment Server in one machine.

      I have installed the platform pack (enterprise and database server) in another machine.

      I am trying to install the HTML Server in the third machine. In this last machine (the html server one), I have installed until now the Oracle Application Server and the Server Manager.
      When I open for the first time the Server Manager, I have 6 configuration steps and I am stuck in the third one which is Database Setup.
      On the page I have the note: "*Welcome to Server Manager for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne*!
      Server Manager may need to occasionally connect to the system datasource during administrative activities. The system datasource is typically named ‘System – Release’, where release refers to the EnterpriseOne release level such as '812'. The settings required may be obtained by looking at the [DB SYSTEM SETTINGS] section of the JDE.INI that is used by client workstations."

      But I have not any client workstations installed. In which jde.ini should I check this information?
      Is this the jde.ini in Windows folder in Deployment Server installation?

      Please help me for this issue.

      Thank you and best regards