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    Not able to generate and recieve JVM snmp traps

      I want JVM instance to generate SNMP trap.

      For this i have followed following steps:-

      1)I eanbled SNMP agent in JVM,to enable SNMP agent i set following system properties:
      ->In management.properties file present in /jre/lib/management following properties are set





      ->snmp.acl file is created in /jre/lib/management with following content

      acl = {


      communities = public, private

      access = read-write

      managers =



      trap = {


      trap-community = public

      hosts =



      trap-community = private

      hosts =



      ->Now i created a program in eclipse which is

      public class JVMTraps {
           public static void main(String[] args){
                List<Object> list = new ArrayList<Object>();
                     list.add(new Object());
                     System.out.println("Object added to list");

      ->I also set JVM argument which is -Dcom.sun.management.snmp.port=161

      Now when i run this program,according to me snmp agent should get enabled and when this program throwsjava.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space,JVM should generate a trap present in its MIB file but it does not.

      For recieving traps i am using a trap viewer configured to listen at port 161 in my localsystem at address

      I even tried to send a get request to SNMP agent but result is not good ,when i send get request following response is recieved:

      Request Failed: Get Response PDU received from Error Indication in response: There is no such instance in this MIB. Object ID: . NULLOBJ: NULL

      Please please help me out in generating jvm traps,tell me what i m missing in it.