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    External Business Component vs Web Service


      We are using Siebel 8.1 and we are in need of referencing data in a external data source (DB2) that needs to present in a read only format this information within Siebel. We are trying to find the best path based on using

      1. External Business Component
      2. Obtain the data when needed via a web service

      Option 1 is described in the training materials we have from the training courses we've taken, but web services are the corporate standard, since using a web service would insulate the Siebel application from changes that happen to the external database and would be reusable.

      So far, we have been unable to determine how to call a web service from an applet that displays the data. The closest we've been able to come is to create a task flow to run the web service, and then place the data into a transient business component.

      Does anyone have any recommendations or past experiences related to this they can share for the best path?

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          Hi Bob,

          As you said you would be using web service approach. I feel following would be good method to display web service data in Siebel Applets
          1.     Create Virtual Business Component (VBC)
          2.     Create Applet Based on VBC
          3.     Create Customer Business Service which will call web service and display data in applet

          You can use “SIA Billing Extern Service” to minimize script. This Service uses input output in the form of integration object structure. So using it you can directly map web service output to VBC fields.

          Thank you,