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    Help!my application can not load oci.dll

      i have a server with windows 2003 enterprise sp2, oracle 10g was installed on it.now i want to run a .net application,but it's not working,cause oci.dll can not be loaded. then i installed PL/SQL and instant client 11g. but still not working. the error is :"initialization is error, can not load oci.dll.....returned 0". also,i wroted a small application to load oci with win32 api(LoadLibrary) and returned 0 too.
      I'm sure there are no 32bit,64bit things. from os to application,32bit was checked. and i changed server but same os ,same oracle, after application and instant client installed,same problems got. so i'm think about is there any conflicts when oracle 10g and odac/instant client work together
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          Laurenz Albe
          If you have Oracle 10 installed on a Windows computer, you have oci.dll.
          If "oci.dll can not be loaded", the problem is not a lack of oci.dll.
          The first thing you should do is uninstall Instant Client and anything else you installed to fix the problem (I don't know what you mean with "install PL/SQL").
          Then check if oci.dll can be loaded, e.g. by starting sqlplus and connecting to a database.
          If that works, oci.dll is fine.
          If your program cannot load oci.dll, something in your setup has a problem.
          Maybe it cannot find oci.dll and you have to tell it where to look.

          Laurenz Albe
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            Look at point no 4 in the below article on how to setup rules to debug DLLNotFoundException

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              Check your ORACLE_HOME is set properly