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    Issue with Skip Level Hierarchy in OBIEE 11g


      I have implemented Ragged and Skip Level Hierarchy as explained in the links below in OBIEE 11g RPD.
      (checked the 'Ragged' and 'Skipped Levels' check boxes)


      When the Presentation Hierarchy is dragged in the OBI Answers, the leaf level beyond the skip (null) levels is not shown in the report.
      When any level finds intermediate null values, OBIEE is failing to show the existing value of the leaf level (Most Granular Level) or any values after Skipped Levels.

      For example, following is the values in database for different levels of department hierarchy.
      A -> B -> C -> Null -> Null -> F

      The OBIEE Presentation Hierarchy can only drill down till C, not beyond that. (does not show the leaf level value 'F').

      Could you please suggest whether I am missing any step?