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    Eclipse Plug-in with Speech Recognition

      I have been working on a senior project which is about managing eclipse without any keystroke or mouse click, just with human voice. I coded all what I need, rule grammar file, speech recognition class etc. At now I can managing eclipse with human voice (without plug-in code). The last step of my senior project is preparing a plug-in which includes SpeechRecognition class. At the beginning I start Eclipse HelloWorld plug-in sample. Now in the class Activator there is the constructor method Activator() is like that :
      public activator(){
       // Basiclly my code is that
       // In addition MyApplication class extends of ResultAdapter class
       MyApplication app=new MyApplication();
      I would like to run the speech recognition application when the button is pressed in the workbench but I just get a box saying:

      "The chosen operation is not currently available" and also I checked that the "app" object has never been created.

      P.S. :If you want I can show all code of my project.