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    R12: Copy a business group with setups, metadata & data in same OA instance

      The idea was born out of a very common requirement across IT companies. Pre-Sales and pro-sales groups do various tasks including RPF/RFI response, PoC building, Solution architecting, customer demo etc. Ususally they don't have dedicated Apps instances, or rather they don't find adequate number of dedicated Apps instances for deep drive study. Every alternate day one group shouts out for an Apps instance and the same gets escalated to higher management in short time. It gives much pain to infrastructure/DBA groups as they fail to cater to people like them, because of limited availability of free nodes, resources, networks, disk space etc.

      Say I have a full-fledged R12.1.3 Vision (say SID=VIS1213) installed in a Linux box. The box is quite occupied with limited cores, showing low free memory and the attached SAN has insufficient free space remaining. A group of Oracle Apps Pre-Sales consultants, say 'Group-1', is using this.

      Now 3 different other groups ask for a R12.1.3 Vision instance separately for below reasons. Each of them wants the instance afresh, and not to be shared with others.

      Group-2 for deep drive study against a critical RFP response
      Group-3 for developing a PoC for a customer demo
      Group-4 for making UPK recording materials on few business processes

      In this scenario, I should either install 3 distinct R12.1.3 Vision (using CDs or downloaded zips) or clone VIS1213 to 3 different places with different SIDs, possibly on one or more separate nodes (as above Linux node doesn't have sufficient free resources). In that case, the need for available server resources and disk space get multiplied by 3, whereas DBA maintenance for these 3 new instances is added.

      Hope I sound clear upto this stage.

      Then I was thinking if we can have 'virtual instances' within an existing Apps instance, by copying from a vertain org level. Initially I thought of taking from LE level, but that will not work if a group demands instance to work with HRMS. So we need to take from business group level. After that we will create appropriate role, responsibility, profile options and user so that the new user can see and work on new BG and downward data area only. It will be like a separate instance for use.
      Benefits of my desired task will be

      - no separate server, resource, network required
      - no extra DBA maintenance involved
      - no separate backup plan required

      So here it is to create 3 new 'virtual instances' right within the same VIS1213 instance. New groups will be given same existing access URL and same existing TNS details but 3 different user credentials. Each of them would be confined in such a way so that they cannot see each other's data and cannot harm each other's changes.

      This can be achieved if we can copy an existing entire business group with org structures, metadata and data, within same instance. Oralce iSetup cannot copy setups within same instance.

      What I did so far was I manually created a new BG, attached an existing SoB (CoA, Calendar & Currency), created a new LE, copied and modified accounting structure flexfields before attachment, created new OU and then a new master InvOrg and a new clild InvOrg, set MO profile, few GL and HR profiles. Then I extracted Item master and Item Category assignment master data against an existing master/child InvOrg, updated the data for newly created InvOrgs, inserted into insterface tables and ran item import seeded conc program. Except few, all data were loaded in base tables against new InvOrgs.

      Next I tried with Supplier master (with sites and contacts). Few AP setups were required and then Supplier (+site+contact) data were loaded in base tables against newly created OU (under new BG).

      I did not proceed after that. I am currently looking for experts' ideas on how to proceed further.

      Is iSetup capable of creating this kind of 'virtual instance' within same OA instance?

      Pl revet back.

      Thanks & Regards,
      Souvik Dhara
      Email: souvik.dhara@tcs.com