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    IM issue.

      Hello All,
      I am using Instant messaging 8u2. IM works fine for the default domain. For non-default domain it is not. I have learnt by reading documents that I need to assign IM and presence services to the non-default domain. I need to use imadmin assign_services command to do so. I logged into access manager web console to get a glance at options available. I could not find the non-default domain there.
      Can anybody help me to figure it out. Shall I use imadmin command to assign services.

      Conf files: httpd.conf
      default.domains=defaultdomain.com domain1.com

      Frontend IM(iim.conf)
      iim_server.usesso = "1"
      iim.policy.modules = "identity"
      iim.userprops.store = "ldap"

      Turned up the log level to debug to figure out but no useful info I found.
      Quick response is much appreciated.