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    Indesign to PDF conversion


      I have configured "IDC PDF Converter" on IBR machine but conversion is failing

      IBR is throwing this error :

      tep InDesignToPDF forced conversion failure by conversion engine because of error: 'Unable to convert, the printer 'IDC PDF Converter' is not installed.'. Exception type is 'java.lang.Throwable'. [ Details ]
      An error has occurred. The stack trace below shows more information.

      !$Step InDesignToPDF forced conversion failure by conversion engine because of error: 'Unable to convert\, the printer 'IDC PDF Converter' is not installed.'.!syExceptionType,java.lang.Throwable
           at intradoc.common.IdcLogWriter.doMessageAppend(IdcLogWriter.java:80)
           at intradoc.common.Log.addMessage(Log.java:270)
           at intradoc.common.Log.errorEx2(Log.java:218)
           at docrefinery.agent.Logger.logError(Logger.java:126)
           at docrefinery.convert.ConversionDriver.computeFinalConversionResults(ConversionDriver.java:553)
           at docrefinery.convert.ConversionDriver.finishConversion(ConversionDriver.java:814)
           at docrefinery.convert.ConversionDriver.convertDocument(ConversionDriver.java:183)
           at docrefinery.queue.PreConvertedRefineryQueueMonitor.handleCurrentQueueItem(PreConvertedRefineryQueueMonitor.java:227)
           at docrefinery.queue.PreConvertedRefineryQueueMonitor.monitorRefineryPreConverterQueue(PreConvertedRefineryQueueMonitor.java:123)
           at docrefinery.queue.PreConvertedRefineryQueueMonitor$1.run(PreConvertedRefineryQueueMonitor.java:93)
           at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:595)
        • 1. Re: Indesign to PDF conversion
          Srinath Menon-Oracle

          I assume that you are using UCM 10g with IBR .

          To resolve the issue, manually install the PDF Converter using the following steps:

          1) Check to see if C:\temp exists in the file system. If not, then it will need to be created.

          2) Add a printer.

          3) Configure the printer to use port c:\temp\idcoutput.ps (Ports tab).

          4) Configure the printer to use a PostScript driver - you can select the "HP", then "HP Laserjet series PS" on the Advanced tab.

          5) Ensure that Spooling is set to 'Print Directly to Printer' (Advanced tab).

          6) Name the printer 'IDC PDF Converter' (General tab).

          7) Restart your refinery and test.

          The most common occurrences of the error are found when steps 2 and 5 are not performed correctly.

          Hope this helps .

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            Hi Srinath,

            Thanks for the reply.

            I already followed all the manual steps install the printer. I can see "IDC PDF Converter" printer in my devices list. .. Even If I try to print any file directly via IDC PDF Converter Print, I am able to print the file , means I can can see idcoutput.ps file in temp folder. Not sure why IBR is not detecting it. Is there nay configuration/integration that i will to do at IBR side ?

            • 3. Re: Indesign to PDF conversion
              Is this UCM/IBR 10g with IBR installed on the unsupported operating system like Windows Server 2008? If so, described problem is exactly what happens under this circumstances.

              Look here: Re: IBR10g on Windows 2008 server

              Configure IBR service to be runned by Administrator account in opposite to default Local System Account (idc ibr service -> Properties -> Log on -> This account -> pick account under which installation was done).

              After that procedure IBR conversion works.

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                thanks Alot tombo.

                After running the IBR service with Admin account, Print error went away. But i am getting given below error now :

                refinery     01.10 10:58:11.076     Conversion Monitor     Status Updated: !csNativeConverterLoaded,InDesign

                refinery     01.10 10:58:11.434     Conversion Monitor     !! ERROR !! !csNativeGeneralError;ActiveX component can't create object

                refinery     01.10 10:58:11.436     Conversion Monitor     !csNativeGeneralError;ActiveX component can't create object

                refinery     01.10 10:58:11.437     Conversion Monitor     !csFinishedNativeStep,InDesign

                refinery     01.10 10:58:12.072     Conversion Monitor     !csWritingNativeResults

                refinery     01.10 10:58:12.090     MonitorPreconverterQueue[idc]     Process exit value = 0
                refinery     01.10 10:58:12.091     MonitorPreconverterQueue[idc]     READING RESULTS WITH BUFFERED READER
                refinery     01.10 10:58:12.095     MonitorPreconverterQueue[idc]     java.io.BufferedReader@c62c8
                refinery     01.10 10:58:12.113     MonitorPreconverterQueue[idc]     InDesignToPDF ---- -1 ---- <Not Converted>
                refinery     01.10 10:58:12.139     MonitorPreconverterQueue[idc]     dConversionState = Failed
                refinery     01.10 10:58:12.141     MonitorPreconverterQueue[idc]     dConvMessage = The step ConversionResult did not set any results
                refinery     01.10 10:58:12.141     MonitorPreconverterQueue[idc]     dFormat = application/x-unknown
                refinery     01.10 10:58:12.142     MonitorPreconverterQueue[idc]     dWebExtension = ---
                refinery     01.10 10:58:12.142     MonitorPreconverterQueue[idc]     RefineryConvertedFile = ---
                refinery     01.10 10:58:12.143     MonitorPreconverterQueue[idc]     RefineryPrimaryConvertedPath = <NotConverted>
                By running IBR service via Admin account, Printer Error went away ... now i am getting following Error

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                  I am using "indesin" conversion type to convert indesign file into PDF. I tried using "distiller" conversion type too, but it generates Blank PDF.
                  • 6. Re: Indesign to PDF conversion
                    If I use distiller option, I get following warning in logs:

                    refinery     01.10 12:32:28.737     Conversion Monitor     
                    *** Warning: GenericResourceDir doesn't point to a valid resource directory.
                    the -sGenericResourceDir=... option can be used to set this.
                    • 7. Re: Indesign to PDF conversion
                      I suppose we are dealing now with Outside In (PDFConverter component) inability to convert the In Design files. PDF Converter Installation and Administration Guide lists that In design files are converted through third party application (Adobe In Design). Try to install Adobe In design on the IBR machine and configure conversion as described (page 5-30). For Primary Web Rendition use "Convert to PDF using third-party applications".

                      Another worthwhile possibility is to try PDFExportConverter component (instead of PDFConverter), which is newer and possibly with latest Outside In technology. Oracle listed that Outside In 8.3.2 supports Adobe InDesign (XMP only) 3.0 – 5.0 (CS 1 - 3).

                      • 8. Re: Indesign to PDF conversion
                        I do have Adobe indesign CS2 on IBR machine. I have trial version
                        • 9. Re: Indesign to PDF conversion
                          Does your IBR server instance name contain spaces? In example, "IBR Server" opposite to correct "IBR_Server". In such case you will get error like posted with dFormat = application/x-unknown. It should be application/pdf.

                          Another possible cause is "ActiveX component can't create object" error message, which you will get if Microsoft C++ Redistribution package is not installed on the IBR machine. If not, download and install the latest version of the C++ Redistributable from the Microsoft site.

                          • 10. Re: Indesign to PDF conversion
                            IBT instance name is "ibr" , no space in instance name. Also I do have Microsoft visual c++ distribution installed on my system .

                            • 11. Re: Indesign to PDF conversion
                              Well, I'm out of ammo. I can only suggest to confirm first that IBR conversion is working with other formats (word, excel) and than return to In design conversion problem testing with the some older (CS2) file.

                              • 12. Re: Indesign to PDF conversion
                                Word to PDF conversion is working perfectly fine... but indesign to PDF is not working :( .. seems like issue with Adobe indesign CS2 trial version
                                • 13. Re: Indesign to PDF conversion
                                  ryan sullivan2
                                  Hmm.. does the trial version have any pop-ups when you launch the program? From what I recall, IBR will have issues if there are any pop-ups on the native application. I haven't worked with indesign, but maybe see if you can disable any pop-ups?

                                  • 14. Re: Indesign to PDF conversion
                                    Bingo....!! you were right. It was Trial version popup that was causing the issue. I installed new version of Adobe Indesign CSS 5, and Indesign converted into PDF successfully.

                                    Thanks all for your help

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