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    Price change on BPA and impact on copying a requisition

      I was expecting any price changes made to a BPA to be reflected in any new requisitions created in iProcurement, whether these were created as new requisitions or created by copying the items from a previous requisition into the cart. Our instance (R12) does not appear to be doing this, and for copied requisitions keeps the old BPA price from the original requisition.

      Is this what people would expect and is there anything that can be done to change this behaviour?

      I would prefer not to remove the functionality of being able to copy previous requisitions, as this is a much more effective way of using iProcurement for repeat, ongoing requests. I do need the system to revalidate the prices against the BPA though for any requisition lines that contain items from the store/catalogue.

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          Old requistions will be linked to OLD BPA (releases/version), When you copy an old requisition in i-proc as a standard functionality system will reflect/copy the old value of the BPA.... The best practise will be (work around), search for the BPA (whose value was changed) and go ahead with the checkout process (create requisition)... Once a requisition is created with the new price list you can copy the same for your future reference.

          Hope this helps.

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          S.P DASH
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            I was wrong.

            Oracle is behaving as I expected in that:

            1. Create a BPA with catalogue items
            2. Create a requisition from catalogue items
            3. Change the price of catalogue items in BPA
            4. Copy requisition (from 2) into cart and prices reflect updated BPA (changed in 3)