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    Unable to Import External VM Templates


      I've been trying to import a couple of external VM templates without success. Even though the operation appears to complete normally, the template is not loaded into my catalog. Can someone please help me out? Here is the output I get when I tried to import the Oracle DB template that I downloaed from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud:

      $ $OH/bin/abctl importExternalTemplate -fromDir /software/OracleDBTemplate/OVM_EL5U2_X86_64_ORACLE10G_PVM -name OracleDBTemplate
      Executing importExternalTemplate command.
      Set the root and vnc passwords that will be configured in the imported template.
      Enter root password:
      Retype root password:
      Enter vnc password:
      Retype vnc password:
      Step 1 of 2: Rehydration started for appliance OracleDBTemplate.
      Successfully imported template.

      It appears to me that Step 2 is not being executed, which according to the User's Guide is the copy step.

      I'm running OVAB on Oracle Linux 5.4.

      Thanks for any help.