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    J2ME MMS send/receive (WMADemo app) now fails on all UK mobile networks!

      I built a J2ME CLDC mobile app that has run successfully in several countries for the past 4 years.

      It is a messaging app based on the J2ME MMS send/receive functionality in the Wireless Messaging API (wma11.jar and wma20.jar), which allows message parts to be assembled into an MMS and sent between mobile devices and have the receiving device's push registry recognise the incoming MMS and launch the J2ME app to display the message content.

      This functionality is demonstrated in the Sun Wireless Toolkit (WTK) demo app WMADemo, which always worked perfectly.

      As of July 2011, my app stopped working on all UK mobile networks but continues to work successfully on mobile networks in other countries (including USA and India). The WMADemo app has also similarly ceased to work.

      The problem is that the incoming MMS is no longer recognised by the mobile device's push registry and thus gets sent directly to the device's default MMS inbox and therefore does not launch the J2ME app.

      I have spent months trying to track down the cause of the problem. It is impossible to get any answers from any of the UK mobile networks.

      It seems clear that the UK mobile networks have made some change to the protocols on their MMS servers but I cannot find out if this is the case.

      Testing has shown that this is not a MIME type issue. So it is likely a change in the security settings on the MMS servers. For obvious reasons, the actual content of the generated MMS messages is binary data for interpretation by the receiving app. So it is possible this binary data is now being blocked in some way by the UK networks.

      This is a business critical application and I am getting nowhere with the UK networks (Orange is the only one that bothered to reply but is very slow in progressing and OfCom and the Ombudsman can do nothing to help).

      Have any of you guys hit this problem? I desparately need to find out the cause and resolve this issue as soon as possible.

      Thank you in advance for any advice, pointers or suggested solutions.