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    Windows 7 Oracle ODAC 1020221 Visual Studio 2005 Package L. Fail

      The operation system on my laptop is Windows 7 Home edition 32 bits. On the latop Oracle
      That works perfectly.
      Also installled Visual Studio 2005 Professional.
      If I install ODAC1020221 on the laptop Orale Explorer is available in the View menu of Visual Studio 2005.
      If I start Oracle Explorer in the view menu of Visual Studio, Visual Studio comes with the Package Load Failure
      Package 'Oracle Developer Tools for isual Studio.NET' has failed to load properly (GUID= {D601BB95-E404-4A8E-9F24-5C1A462426CE}
      Starting gacutil has no positive result
      Who can help me that it will work so i can use ODP.NET with Visual Studio.
      Kind Regards Frank Hagen