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    How to create PO for service

      Dear all,

      Can anyone please help me How to create an PO to procure services and what is whole process, After creating PO for service do we need to receive also.
      do we need to define a item in inventory as a service?I am very confuse, Please help me..
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          You need to implement Oracle service Procurement module to create PO for services.

          First, you need to create requisitions for Rate based temp labour/Fixed Price services etc. then convert this requisition to Complex PO.

          The complex PO can be of one of the three types - Milestone based/Lumpsum Order/Rate based temp labour(Contingent worker).

          You don't need a item or recipt as you need to create work confirmation for Milestone/Lumpsum orders.

          The timecard entered in OTL by the contingent worker will be integrated with the complex PO created for Contingent worker and AP invoice will be created accordingly.


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            Hi PS,

            Thanks for your reply.
            is it mandatory to implement Oracle service procurement?

            I think we can create non-stockable, non-transactable item in inventory and same process can follow as normal PO with all activities including receiving.
            Please provide your inputs.

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              Hi Ajay,

              You can deal with services even without Services Procurement module while you may/may-not create item .

              If you don't want to create item then enter the the details of the service in the item description of the PO line for an Item Category.

              Finally receive once the service is provided.


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                Thanks for Reply...it is really helpful for me.

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                  Hi Ajay,

                  You can also define 'Services' in PO_LINE_TYPE and select 2-way and 'PO' in MATCHING_OPTION and INVOICE_MATCH_OPTION respectively...

                  No need to receive... you can directly match your service po with invoice, once po approved....

                  Hope this will help...

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                    Hi Asad

                    I have a one question when we order a service PO, based on order standard fucntion, we can create a service PO only with the PO item category( without input a item number). Once we do the receipt,obviously it means we consume the service direcly. Since we purchase a service, we cannot track them in the item transaction nor on-hand workbench.

                    How can user do the modification like return to vendor process? This is common sense that sometimes the service vendor provide is no efforts. In this case, user may forget the PO and receipt number, they only remeber the PO category. How can they retrieve the PO based on the PO category?