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    GetProcAddress Error


      I am facing the Error in a application while executing a business function.The buisness function calling a internal BSSV (Consumer) .Below is the Logs:

      ERROR* CallObject@28232823: CallObject.executeRequest(): Problem executing function [GetSiteInfo] lib [CCUSTOM] GetProcAddress failed. Please see Enterprise Server log for details. Business function cannot be found user:KMANI1 Env:JDV900
      13 Jan 2012 07:13:26,643 [Line -1] [APP   ] KMANI1 - [JAS] JDBCProxy.jdbcProxy(): Operation is executed under an auto commit JDBj logical connection for Usersession ID: 7789403830434082816 | UserName : KMANI1, Environment : JDV900, User Role : *ALL

      COB: GetBSFNLibrary loads a new library /u01/jdedwards/e900/DV900/bin32/libCCUSTOM.so hLibrary 096494e0.
      Jan 13 07:38:30.550705     winansi.c1558     - 18687/-289408112 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject      GetProcAddresss("GetSiteInfo")
      Jan 13 07:38:30.550715     winansi.c1584     - 18687/-289408112 WRK:Starting jdeCallObject      LIB0000071 - GetProcAddress: Can't find procedure GetSiteInfo

      Kindly let me know an appropriate solution of what needs to be done.

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          Jan Hox
          Hello Karthik,
          The errors you receive point to a missing BSFN named GetSiteInfo which was built into the CCUSTOM library.
          This is a custom object and as you are executing your code in the JDV900 environment you might want to confirm that the BSFN mentioned was built & deployed correctly for JDV900.

          With Brgds,
          Jan Hox