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    iSupplier - New feature - R12 - Create Non PO Invoices

      Hi ,

      As in R12 , i-Supplier portal introduces new functionality to create invoices for which PO is also not created.
      I 'm trying to create invoice without PO ,iSupplier->Finance->Create invoice without PO
      When customer information is entered its giving error
      "The Customer Contact information is missing , incorrect , we are unable to determine a unique requester ..."

      Failed to create invoice . A fatal error occured while committing this transaction to the database .."

      Kindly help , what needs to be put in customer info- first name , email and last name

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          Navigate to Legal Entity Manager Responsibility.
          Find your Legal Entity and click on Contact Information Tab.
          On the area Contacts create your contact (First name,Last Name, Email)
          After that your problem is solved by entering manually the email address into the customer information area in iSupplier Portal.
          I cannot understand why the system does not fill it automatically but if you enter the correct email address you can create the invoice.