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    T5220 will not mount DVD for Solaris 11

    Andy Tael-Oracle
      I am trying to install Solaris 11 on a T5220 but I am having a problem that the server will not "accept" the DVD. I turn on the machine and I get the boot prompt but when I try to put in the DVD it will not accept it. Unfortunately am I now an expert on Sun servers (yet) so I am not sure where to start debugging?

      I have replaced he DVD reader with a working DVD reader.

      The command dev alias returns the following.
      ttya                     /ebus@c0/serial@0,ca0000
      nvram                    /virtual-devices/nvram@3
      net3                     /pci@0/pci@0/pci@1/pci@0/pci@3/network@0,1
      net2                     /pci@0/pci@0/pci@1/pci@0/pci@3/network@0
      net1                     /pci@0/pci@0/pci@1/pci@0/pci@2/network@0,1
      net0                     /pci@0/pci@0/pci@1/pci@0/pci@2/network@0
      net                      /pci@0/pci@0/pci@1/pci@0/pci@2/network@0
      cdrom                    /pci@0/pci@0/pci@1/pci@0/pci@1/pci@0/usb@0,2/storage@2/disk@0:f
      disk7                    /pci@0/pci@0/pci@2/scsi@0/disk@7
      disk6                    /pci@0/pci@0/pci@2/scsi@0/disk@6
      disk5                    /pci@0/pci@0/pci@2/scsi@0/disk@5
      disk4                    /pci@0/pci@0/pci@2/scsi@0/disk@4
      disk3                    /pci@0/pci@0/pci@2/scsi@0/disk@3
      disk2                    /pci@0/pci@0/pci@2/scsi@0/disk@2
      disk1                    /pci@0/pci@0/pci@2/scsi@0/disk@1
      disk0                    /pci@0/pci@0/pci@2/scsi@0/disk@0
      disk                     /pci@0/pci@0/pci@2/scsi@0/disk@0
      scsi                     /pci@0/pci@0/pci@2/scsi@0
      virtual-console          /virtual-devices/console@1
      name                     aliases
      I did simple simple tests but I didn't get any errors besides "Device cdrom not found".
      {0} ok test-all
      {0} ok test cdrom
      Testing cdrom
      Device cdrom not found
      {0} ok
      Any ideas?

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          Your devalias shows

          cdrom - /pci@0/pci@0/pci@1/pci@0/pci@1/pci@0/usb@0. I doubt usb@0... In my system it shows me it as rcdrom and cdrom is shown as follows:

          cdrom /pci@400/pci@2/pci@0/pci@4/scsi@0/disk@p6

          Can you physically open and close the cdrom?

          Is the CD drive responding once the CD is inserted?

          Please check.
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            Andy Tael-Oracle
            It turned out that the dvd player wasn't connected correctly. A HW repair and everything was fine.