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    Oracle MSCA - Function Keys on Windows Mobile

      Hi Friends;

      I need your helps on Oracle MWA. I have successfully installed mwa application in windows mobile 6.0
      The function key doesn’t work on the windows mobile.Some forum they said put the "key_gui.ini" in the secure folder. I couldn’t find out the location

      This is my command:
      \Windows\CrEme\bin\CrEme.exe -Of -classpath \Windows\CrEme\lib\AWTclasses.
      zip;\XONTMWA\lib\j4205328.zip oracle.apps.mwa.awt.client.StartGUI

      I am using this patch : j4205328.zip

      4178862 this folder contain gui_key.ini in the 4178862\mwa\secure
      But j4178862.zip doesn’t contain this path.

      4205328this folder don’t contain gui_key.ini .

      Please let me know where we want to put gui_key.ini.

      Where is located function key file..

      I have confuse on this because the that executable command looked at the j4205328.zip only not rest of the file.

      Please let me know

      I am looking forward your reply.

      Thanks in advance