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    Conditional drop down before import


      I am new to FDM scripting so mybe i can find the help i need here.

      I created a script to import data from a sql source and so far it is all fine.

      Now the source might be big in some cases and I would like to be able to provide a pre-selection to the users.

      i.e: instead of loading all accounts, the user could pick up 1,2 or more accounts.

      is this feasible? any example would be great.
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          The good news is with VBScript just about anything is possible although you may have to settle for a TextBox versus a ComboBox.

          Check out the API Guide => http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17236_01/epm.1112/fdm_api.pdf

          Thank you,

          Todd Rebner
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            You could separate the accounts into FDM Locations. For instance, you could have an L1 Location for extracting and loading income statement and balance sheet accounts, an L2 Location for cash flow accounts, and an L3 for loading statistical accounts. In that case, your extraction script would focus on the appropriate source accounts and the user would not be responsible for manually selecting groups of accounts or remembering which accounts were loaded in previous iterations.
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              Depending on how far down the rabbit hole you want to go, you could do a drop down or a check box with javascript/ajax.

              I'm not 100% sure I'm following how you want this to function, though.

              If you want to add something to one of the FDM pages, you are somewhat limited, as the ASPX file will allow you to change the layout of the page; however, you will not have any capability to change the back end functinality of the page directly. Because of this, even if you add your drop down to the U/I and dynamically load the options to it via AJAX, you may not be able to reference the user selection from the FDM scripts directly since the page's code behind is already compiled into a DLL and it will not have any knowledge of the new control you added.

              A possibility; however, would be to once again use Javascript (and supporting technologies) to push the selected value into a database table in a way that you could then retrieve the selection through the FDM scripts that you can modify. (i.e. capture the onsubmit event in javascript and then push the selectedvalue of the drop down to a database table with some other identifying piece of information such as username, location, etc.)

              (NOTE: You'd also want to traip onsubmit as well to verify that they made a selection from your drop down so that you could cancel the server post back if they didn't bother to make their selection... if (selectedIndex<0) {window.alert('You must select an Import Method before continuing!'); return(false);} .....)

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                beyerch2 definitely has the better suggestion on this one in my opinion.

                Thank you,

                Todd Rebner