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    sorting table disappears first time when clicked on the column name

    Nirupam Samanta
      I have an sorting table in end user interface. Whenever I am trying to sort the table by clicking on the column name.
      But when I am sorting at first timem the page gets disappear but there is no error from second time onwords it works fine. The sorting table is present in a form which is getting called from a ManualAction.

      Please help me out to fix it.

      1. Following inner text is added in the workflow <ManualAction> block:

      <Variable name='workItem'>
      <invoke name='toUpperCase'>
      <invoke name='getUniqueId' class='com.waveset.util.Util'/>

      2. Following inner text is added in user form <Display class='SortingTable'> block in my form:
      <Property name='sortURLParams'>
      <invoke name='URLEncode' class='com.waveset.util.Util'>