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    Multiple base events in a single channel - via a single adaptor

      Our prototype has many base CEP events and I would like have only one adaptor as a source of these events, instead of having several adaptors with one each for every base event. I am not able to see an alternative for this.

      I am trying to understand if the following scenarios are possible to set up via this product:
      1) Events from an Adaptor source can have more than one channel as listeners. How can I configure this adaptor to send a apecific kind of base event to a specific channel? Can I do this?
      2) Can I send more than one event-type from the central adaptor to only a single channel - basically the channel will contain all kinds of base events. In the channel configuration, I am not aware of how to give multiple event-types for an event-type attribute. Currently, there seems to be a 1:1 relationship between channel and event.

      Please confirm my questions in the above 2 scenarios.

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          We can't have multiple event-types for a single source adapter, so no question of sending specific events to a channel. You can do these type of things only at a processor mentioning a specific query for each channel.
          Channels are supported with only a single event-type. A small workaround is to construct a new event-type which has all attributes of 2 events and use it, but it is a redundant way of doing the things. I prefer to use 2 different channels for the same.