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    STK L 700 tape library robot holding the media.

      Hello All,
      I have an STK L700 tape library, which has 4 HP LTO3 FC tape drives and 2 IBM LTO4 FC tape drives, the robot is FC connected.

      I have an issue,The hand assembly picks the media from tape drives after backup and then goes to a slot and holds the media for a long time, then after we eject the media. then i can see a message, initialization failed.

      This issue is intermitent.

      I checked the FSC logs and I could find 3 FSC logs with reach alert.


      I have checked the physical library status, it is working normally, after we take out the media and re initialize it.

      I dont think this could be due to hardware failure, anyone could you kindly help me out to isolate the issue?