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    Unable to import data anymore with FDM ERPI


      I am using FDM ERPI to load data from Oracle eBS 11.5 to Planning

      everything was ok before.

      I don't have modified any FDM or ERPI application parameter (I think... excepted the time out for the ERPI server in WebLogic).

      When I execute an "Import" via FDM, I have the following error message :
      Execute Data ERPI Data Rule Status: Fail
      error - System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.
      at fdmERPI.clsGetFinData.fExecuteDataRule(String strDataRuleName, String strPeriodKey, String strPriorPeriodKey)

      When I try to execute the Dataload directly in ERPI, I have no error, but the process doesn't stop.
      I have an ODI process ID, but I don't see any process running in ODI.

      Thanks in advance for your help