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    depreciation changes after tax book close

      The project is creating new tax book starting Dec-11.
      The problem is that the Tax Reserve Ledger Report which shows correct calculation shows different (incorrect) figures after closing.
      The depreciation method used is double declining 4 years, NBV based using following formula:

      DECODE(<REMAINING LIFE1>,1,1,0.5)

      Running depreciation period Dec-11 (for the first time) produced Tax Reserve Ledger report as follows:

      Cost: 179,850,000
      DPIS: Feb-2008
      Depreciation: 167,672,656.3

      Closing Dec-11 period which also produced Tax reserve ledger report, above asset showing different depreciation:

      Depreciation: 158,764,070

      I have no clue what caused the change. has anyone experience this?
      All replies are greatly appreciated..