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    Scheduler Tuning

      We are performing load testing on our Waveset 8.1.1 environment and are so far disappointed in the performance. All indications to this point seem to point to the scheduler. We are working with the suggestions on tuning the scheduler here (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19225-01/820-7976/gjeuj/index.html).We are working with 4 JVMs on seperate virtual hosts running on T5220's and we are testing with the 'slots' attribute of the scheduler in the systemconfiguration object. There is little information regarding the specifics of this setting. Here is what we have:

      For reference, the server hostnames are (server1,server2,server3,server4). The JVM instance names are (idm1,idm2,idm3,idm4).

      <Attribute name='scheduler'>
      <Attribute name='blockProcessing' value='true'/>
      <Attribute name='blockProcessingSize' value='50'/>
      <Attribute name='disableScheduled' value='false'/>
      <Attribute name='disableTaskResultCleanup' value='false'/>
      <Attribute name='fastResume' value='true'/>
      <Attribute name='readyTaskLimit' value='60'/>
      <Attribute name='scheduledTaskResultCleanup' value='false'/>
      <Attribute name='sleepingTaskLimit' value='60'/>
      <Attribute name='slots'>

      Looking for any advice on scheduler tuning and confirmation that the 'slots' attribute has been set correctly. Thanks in advance!