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    Check out the new PeopleSoft OVM Templates Red Paper

    Greg Kelly-Oracle
      Posted:      Jan 17, 2012 8:02 AM
      PeopleSoft Oracle Virtual Machine Templates Development and Customization Guide

      This Red Paper is a practical guide for technical users, installers, system administrators, and programmers who intend to leverage Oracle Virtual Machine (OVM) as a deployment infrastructure for PeopleSoft Applications.

      The purpose of this document is to provide insight into the way in which PeopleSoft VM Templates are constructed. This will help you customize and extend the delivered templates. In addition this document can provide guidance for the creation of VM templates to run on
      other hypervisors.

      It is also available on My Oracle Support here:

      We welcome your feedback and suggestions, either on the forum or direct to the mailbox mailto:peopletools_ww@oracle.com

      Thank you.