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    T5120-Alom-Email alert not going through email server.


      I have 3 T5120 and with latest firmware. I have setup ALOM to send Minor email alerts to my email id using a SMTP server we use here. I found that, although the T5120 alom sends(FROM:ilom-alert@a.b.c.d) I don't receive it. I have checked email server logs and found that T5120 alom is using BDAT commad and chunking messages. I don't know much why it does this but as a result email server doesn't deliver email to the recipient.

      I have other Sunfire systems that I get ALOM alerts from fine and they use same email server and recipient email address.

      Has anyone used T5120 ALOM/ILOM to successfully receive an email alert from it? Let me know what can be done to resolve this issue.