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    Filenames with leading '%' cause error.

      I've crawled my NTFS source. I search some terms that I know will show up in this source. I get the following error:

      'Error when attempting to generate advanced result list: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: URLDecoder: Illegal hex characters in escape (%) pattern - For input string: " s"'

      In this case the filename was actually '% score card 59.pdf'

      I have no idea who came up with the naming condition with a leading percent sign, but that is apparently a legal windows file name, and the crawler actually seems to pick it up correctly, it's just bombing out when the user clicks the Search button.
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          Have you tried the following search conditions?
          "% score card 59.pdf"
          otext::{% score card 59.pdf}

          They seem to work fine as far as I have tested it with a file source on SES and
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            Roger Ford-Oracle
            I've seen this before. The previous customer who reported it decided to fix the filenames, so the problem "went away".

            If the filename is accepted during crawling, it's definitely a bug if it causes queries to fail. Can you log an SR with support so we can get this logged properly as a bug, then we can try to get a fix for it.

            Scarbo: I believe the problem is not just around using the % as part of the query - if the document with the faulty URL (the URL being derived from the filename) is included in the result set then it will cause the failure regardless of the search expression used.