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    Unable to send mail to ocp-supportresponse_ww@oracle.com


      I've recently passed my last exam in OCP certification track and also have taken an instructor-led course from OCP list. After I submitted a cource form at pearson vue, I got a message that Oracle was unable to check my course form and asked me to send a scanned copy of it to ocp-supportresponse_ww@oracle.com.
      But emails aren't sent to this address with error:

      <ocp-supportresponse_ww@oracle.com>: connect to
      rcsinet12.oracle.com[]:25: Connection refused

      My email support suggested to contact an Oracle mail support and check if smth wrong on their side. Are there any other ways to deliver my scanned course form copy to OCP team? Or maybe something wrong with Oracle mail server?

      Thank you,