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    Error found when upgrading from11.5.10.2 to R12.1.1 with the DB R

      Hi All,

      I have following the "Upgrade Advisor: E-Business Suite (EBS) Upgrade from to 12.1.3 [ID 269.1]", and select the option 3 Configure --> Preform Upgrade on Test System --> Upgrade Test Environment 12.1.1 --> Perform Upgrade --> Apply AD 12.1.1 upgrade driver (required) (The steps before apply AD 12.1.1 have been done, the R12 rapid install have been done.)

      According to their instructions, I need to merge 3 patches 9477107, 9179588, 7461070, and applied it to R12.1.1, it was successfully. (I have attached the adpatch file to metalink, they also confirmed that the patches have been applied successfully. ** Due to I have some warning messages found in the log, that's the reason I raised a SR to ask Oracle about it.)

      After this step, the step 10. Run the American English upgrade patch driver (required) to be executed, but error found.

      Accroding to this step, I need to apply 7303029:12.1.0 with preinstall mode and merge its with the American English drive which located in $AU_TOP/patch/115/driver/u6678700.drv.

      As the patch readme file instructions, "adpatch options=nocopyportion,nogenerateportion" have been executed. After a while, the autopatch process was failed due to

      AutoPatch error:
      Missing prerequisite codelevel for entity 'ad'.

      This patch requires the following codelevel or higher: 'R12.AD.B.1'.
      The current on-site codelevel for the entity 'ad' is : 'R12.AD.A'.

      In order to apply this patch you must first apply a patch that introduces
      at least the minimum required codelevel.

      You may merge this patch with a patch that introduces the required codelevel.

      I was so wondering about it, how's come the ad codelevel doesn't match, the patch 7461070 should be the level 'R12.AD.B.1' (can be found in the patch's readme file.), how's come the current on-site code level is 'R12.AD.A'?

      I was stuck in this point, can't process further.

      Anyone was facing this issue too? If so, could you please let me know how to solve it. Or anythings I can do now? Do I need to re-apply the patch 7461070 again?

      Thank you so much.