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    difference b/w 12.0 vs other versions

      Can any one of you provide me the list of differences in Documaker 12.0 vs previous releases ?

      Any web link is also fine.
      Thanks in advance !!!

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          Hi Navin,

          Please refer to the Release notes of Oracle Documaker 12.0 from the below link:

          This document gives all the new enhancements available in Documaker 12.0 (including Patch 01). It would be difficult to find any thing like a comparison between various Documaker versions as a readily available document. We may have to do it based on our requirement; what I mean is the comparison parameters like features, productivity, tools, new enhancements etc.

          As you know, there will be a set of limitations in a prior version of Documaker getting fixed in the next version or patch.

          What I would suggest you additionally is:

          Please visit oracle site for each version of documaker and do a research with at least a) Release notes and b) Frequently asked questions. These will help you understand things much better.

          Oracle Documaker 11.3: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E15200_01/e15200_01_index.html
          Oracle Documaker 11.5: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E16256_01/e16256_01_index.html
          Oracle Documaker 12.0: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17552_01/e17552_01_index.html
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            The below are the few points which i know the Differences between 12.0 and Older Versions

            1) In 12.0 the new rule called "AnytoAny" is introduced.
            2) Version 12.0 includes these new XPath functions:
            • starts-with()
            • ends-with()
            • contains()
            3)Creating and Using Editable Text Areas
            In prior versions, you could only edit variable field data or predefined content contained in an editable field on a form. If the form template contained pre-defined
            content in an editable field, this content was not visible during testing or previewing.
            This enhancement lets you include form content in a text area on the form template and optionally mark this content as editable. This lets you see the content on the form template during development, lets the end user see the content when previewing the form, and provides a way for you to let the end user edit the pre-defined content using Documaker Interactive.
            4) Inserting Japanese Post Bar Codes

            Visit link (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17552_01/v120_release_notes.pdf) to know more details about above points.
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              Gaétan Berthold
              Keep in mind that there are also huge differences in the core architecture of versions 12.x Entreprise and Standard editions.

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                Thanks Nirmal !!
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                  All of the above are coreect, the core runtime publishing engine remains unchanged for the most part. Were you seeking more specific information with reagrd to this such as between your current version and V12?