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    PSEMAgent recycle


      I have a problem with Change Assistant not recognizing the environment, is there a way to reset all the agent configuration? I saw somewhere a phrase "agent recycling" - how can I do that?

      It did get recognized before a PeopleTools upgrade from 8.50 to 8.52.04 so I'm either missing some sort of a step, or there really might be an issue with some cache.
      What I did:
      - agents running before upgrade
      - PT upgrade
      - start PSEM Agent on all servers
      - PSEM/hub web page shows all activity again
      - Change Assistant cannot view the environment
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          Instead of starting PSEMAGENT, try starting it recrawl option
          ./StartAgent.sh recrawl
          ./StartAgent.bat recrawl

          Also make sure the configuration settings of PSEMAGENT crawl the correct directories, this should be PS_CFG_HOME for PT8.50 and up.
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            1. hubURL (http://<yourservername>:<port>/PSEMHub/hub); the Agent Port (must be unique); in configuration.properties.

            2. try $ StartAgent.sh recrawl to get the exact prpblem. If there is no problem try $ nohup StartAgent.sh &.

            3.enter your HubURL in a browser and verify that your agents are registered and they are in a Running state

            4.Once configuration.properties is set, go to $PS_HOME/PSEMViewer and run GetEnvInfo.bat (or GetEnvInfo.sh for UNIX). This will contact the hub, download all of the XML data,
            and put it in an xml file called viewer.xml under $PS_HOME/PSEMViewer/envmetadata/data

            5.Check GUID in psoptions table.

            6.run the simple setup program at %PS_HOME%setupPsCAsetup.exe
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              Hi Honza,

              Did you try clearing the the Agent cache and HUB cache ?
              If not follow the below steps

              Clear Agent Cache
              1. Stop the agent
              2. delete the following directories
              3. delete PS_HOME/PSEMAgent/data/search-results.xml (make sure that u dont delete matchers.xml)

              Clear HUB cache

              1. Stop your webserver (the one which you use for PSEM HUB - check configuration.properties in your PSEMAgent/envmetadata/config )
              2. Make sure that the configuration properties in the HUB ( PSEMHUB/envmetadata/config) has the correct HUB URL
              3. delete the following directories
              4. delete all files in PS_HOME/PSEMHUB/data/ (dont delete the data directory)

              Now start your web server
              Hit the HUB URL in web browser and make sure that there are not detected environments
              Start the Agent

              If the agent starts successfully and can communicate to the HUB then your problem should be solved