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    Instant Client with Visual Studio 2010 (version 10)

      I'm currently working to move our product to using the Instant Client (the 11gR2 version currently available for download). On Windows, we CURRENTLY use Visual Studio 2008 (version 9), but expect to be moving to Visual Studio 2010 (version 10) very soon. I don't see a vs10 subdirectory with the Instant Client SDK. Does anyone know whether a vs10-specific set of libraries will be released for the Instant Client? Or do the vs9 ones work with vs10? (I don't yet have VS10 to test.)
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          Moving to/using VS 2010 is one thing, but by what reasons do you need to target vc100 platform/runtime? Why require, possibly, installation of msvc or dotNetfx 4.0 redist (as it seems to ship msvc libraries dll files).

          I don't know VS that well, but I would assume you could choose target compiler and runtime version. E.g. choose to build for vc90 runtime. (Yes, found a page. See project properties link below, about Platform toolset.)

          If you really need vc10, there's a separate OCCI Vc++ 10 package. It seem to be aimed as addition to "full" Client installation, but perhaps you could make it fit Instant Client. In theory it should work, since it's all OCI based and type of Client doesn't matter in that respect, but I haven't seen it documented. Maybe it's best to check MOS if there's any support notes on the subject.



          OCCI in Visual Studio 2010

          adjusted re netfx 4 deployment

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            OCCI VS 2010 libraries for 11.2 & 11.1 can be found here