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    how to insert data into RAW DB column types from BPEL


      I have to insert data into a DB table from BPEL, and one of the column type of that table in DB has been defined as RAW(32). I have to generate a GUID in BPEL and insert it into that RAW type column. However while inserting, BPEL is tampering with the GUID that I have been passing and its inserting something else instead of GUID that I have been passing.

      Came to know from online forums that I have to apply the SQL hextoraw(GUID) function over the value that I m passing to these RAW columns. But since I cannot directly edit the insert query generated by the BPEL DB adapter, I can't go for that option.

      Has anyone ever faced this type of situation and were able to succesfully overcome the issue in BPEL? Your solution would be of great help to me.